DVLA Coronavirus (COVID-19) update: DVLA are now processing paper applications, however these will take longer to process as the DVLA are working with reduced staff to meet social distancing requirements. If your application requires medical information or examinations there are likely to be delays also.
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Spoke to my gp/ history.


I spoke to my gp to find out my history , there is only a comment on my report that states I was drinking a bottle of wine on an evening back in 2018 and that’s it , nothing else at all , should I be worried ? This was flagged when I was taking an antidepressant ( low dose 10 mg ) and I was in for a check up .

I dont take these anymore ,I stopped taking them in feb this year and my gp was made aware and he was fine with that , I havent drunk wine each evening for a while , I have been abstinent for over 2 months now and I’m due to do a medicheck in the next few weeks to be sure I’m going to be ok , I just hope they don’t class me as dependent when I’m obviously not , I’m hoping to nail it below 0.9% on my cdt .

even though I manage that I do think my go will be contacted as my ban ended in august 19 , I just hope they don’t make me wait for a year abstaining , maybe I will be issued with a temporary licence ?....


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Hi, don't be confused temporary licences are ONLY issued to drivers who have been through the strict and stringent DVLA process and have either been classed dependant or misuse, the reason why a temp licence is issued is` that DVLA can review your situation in a years time and send you for another medical in order that you are medically fit to hold such a licence, temp licences are NOT issued while they consider the future of your licence......drinking a bottle of wine on an evening will not be phrased to DVLA on medical investigation they break that amount down into units per night? This is what the medical form DD2 is for.....