New Drink Driving Legislation Effective 1st June 2013

Convicted Driver Insurance
This tells me that it is now generally regarded that DD with the HRO tag are grouped with the worst types of offenders, or am I misreading it?
Yes you are misreading it.
1’ The screen shot is about the management of serious criminal offenders, convicted of certain offences as regards prison, their release and their management by probation after their release. They are classified within that context as a High Risk Offender.

2. The High Risk offender scheme, in the context of you being convicted for being over 2.5 times the legal limit is nothing to do with the first category. It deals solely with how you are dealt with in the process of applying for your licence back and what you have to do to achieve that - namely a medical process to undertake.
It is nothing to do with a classification for serious offending or involvement with probation, it just happens to have the same name.

If I said to you that I was going waterboarding, you might think that I had been seconded to Guantanamo Bay, whereas I am actually going to the local river for some fun as the tide comes in.
Same word, entirely different meaning, so please to not confuse the two.

You could also think about the word ‘probation’. When you get a job, you may well be on probation for 3 months, to see how you measure up and be sacked at the end of it if you do not. You have not committed an offence to be on probation.
If you offend and are put on ‘probation’, you have been convicted of an offence, you do not get sacked from it if you do not perform well, you are taken back to court and punished, not can you resign…….

Same word, entirely different meaning.

If I remember correctly, the screenshot comes from a solicitors website and is similarly to you, wrongly putting the two HRO categories together, perhaps for dramatic effect to worry possible clients, but nevertheless it is quite inaccurate.

And I have found it:

I thought I had seen it before, and in fact I emailed the company over a year ago, pointing out the inaccuracies in what they say but it is still on their website which is shameful for a company professing to be experts in drink drive matters.
It is NOT a ‘recent change in legislation’, it has been in effect for well over 20 years.
Any Drink drive conviction will show up on the checks they mention because a drink drive offence is a criminal conviction. It is not because the person is a HRO.
“The court do not tell you that you are a High Risk Offender”. No they do not, because it is not a part of the sentence that you are given in court, it is a part of the process to get your licence back, and that process is dealt with by DVLA.

As I said, shameful ignorance, or deliberate misrepresentation by MAJ Law to frighten people into getting a solicitor.
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