HRO no go contact

Convicted Driver Insurance


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I get you. Just so surprised that jjohno got his license back no gp contact after 4 convictions, without contact to gp or anything and a 1.8 cdt score Happy for him and applause his honesty.
You will hear it many times……it’s a lottery. No consistency whatsoever with dvla
It does seem a lottery.
I think it depends on the mood of the medics dealing with the case??!! Who knows, because the DVLA doesn't seem to. Every forum has a troll or two. :)


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Had my medical a week ago just rang them and they said they have my blood but the not the questionnaire that gets sent separately here we go 🤪


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I had this and the DVLA doctor faxed it before I left the room we were in on the day so got lost somehow, my doctor emailed it over again about a week later.. currently on 5 weeks after my medical and just written to my GP, annoyingly not emailed even though one was provided!!

Fingers crossed for everyone 🤞
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