Admiral Claim and Final Reminder notice

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I was convicted of a DUI early October in 2019, Admiral had received information from the Police prior to my court hearing that is was due to a DUI, Admiral have proceeded with this case as expected and after my conviction they had sent me various letters saying that I owe them varying figures each time. The highest being in the region of £12000. Today they have emailed me, a letter will more than likely follow in the post that the outstanding cost is around £8500 and that I must bank transfer them the figure or write them a cheque within 14 days or my case will then be forwarded to their solicitor, then it will progress to a debt collection team.

I am just looking for some help with it and what my next steps should be, any help will be greatly appreciated. I am currently unemployed with no assets or money to my name and due to C-19 I am back living with parents.

The admiral claim is also rather questionable as they are charging me originally £8500 for hire costs which was a 14 day period (the vehicle hired was a DAF truck)

And the only damage that is visible and quite clearly seen is a broken taillight which all in all the repair costs are in excess of a £1000. Are these figures realistic?

They had also left me alone for almost 18 months after I said I was going to get legal help, but I also don't know if this is down to the C-19 outbreak and their pursuit of claims have temporarily been put on hold.
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