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Hello guys N ladies, just another update, I had mail!! Well not what it's about, but the staff seem to be getting around to us now, the timescale so far, I posted all my forms and a 23 Yr newer photo, yea, 20 yrs since I recieved the 01 error license and had it 1 hr and goodbye, little knowing I'd not be re applying till 2021 from 2001 when my 30 month ban was up,, think I, Rrr yes, someone asked how I emailed DVLA medical, be careful cause it looks like a open one to enquire off the Gov. UK website, but it's an email address for Health care proffs and so forth so I got a Botnet reply as looking back you have to put in Practice number etc, so leave it, it won't reply only to say "computer says no", 🖥️🤧, so 15th May I sent first class D1, D27, M1, that was I think a Sat, so first class may not been there Monday 17th 21? tried to find out my Drivers number, had an email off that, saying DVLA can't pass sensitive info via webchat, that was last week, today, recieved my ID back with 2 leaflets, the white I've not seen b4, Says Picture license could take two weeks, I thought oh no! Not 2001 again, but no, it says unless medical info is needed, I'll say it will as its 16 months since my GP sent them a Green fir GO, no alcohol problems, just stupid at the time for good measure,,, but I've not seen my GP since Feb 2020, so I rang to inform my GP, well reception, to pass on,,, so those med enquiry details may need re doing after not being able to attend a booked medical in 2019, no worries, then today yes, the original ID and receipt of payment came, white sheet, and Green one stating my application is now being evaluated by medical group, so adding up, minus my estimated 2 days to get from Brum to Wales over a weekend, so 30 days exactly, could it be the aim to reply 30 days to get your app to the next stage, personally I think for how bad their work to rule, I'd have been first out! 30 days is OK to feeling I'm nearing a medical soon, one thing I'm stuck on, in 2013, if you were band after, you could not even as a HRO drive under section 88, well it states, if you were band before, - 1999-/ Banned/refused awareness, my pumps were worn out with walking so I chose new Reeboks / 2001 ban over,,,, Never even considered driving again / got old / I Need a car, my private pension matures and the 55 yo rule, 25%Tax free, its a 3 year old 4 year car plus pay insurance out in one go changed my mind, so here we/I am doing a diary, trying to add a bit of wisdom on worried posts, DUI, it's awful at the outset, but how I see it now, If there's grass on a pitch, we choose to play Ball or not, it's hoping we all get on the pitch soon,,, next update soon as ✌️ peace
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