Suspension due voluntary declaration - anyone else had any experience?

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A possibly slightly unusual for you all!

In November 2019 I had a D&A test at work and although I passed this (company policy is based on Scottish drink drive limit even though I am based in England) it did indicate some alcohol in my system. My company decided to investigate further and as part of that process I was basically forced into admitting that I was having some issues with alcohol (mainly due recent life events). The company then informed me that I must inform the DVLA, otherwise they would have to! (Which was nice!)

I duly sent the appropriate form off to the DVLA and didn't think too much of it until I received a letter in July 2020 informing me that they had received indications from my doctor that I may be alcohol dependent and therefore my licence was suspended for a year. Although I had discussed alcohol issues with my doctor I had no idea that they considered me to be alcohol dependent!

Therefore a few questions if I may:

Do you think the DVLA consider me as a high risk "offender" - despite the fact I have never had any licence points, let alone convictions?
What is the likelihood of a DVLA medical/CDT test over and above anything they get from my GP?
What's the likelihood of a temporary licence?

If anyone can offer any help/advice I'd be most grateful.

Many thanks.


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I was - and as a senior Union rep at the time - words don't start - however - somebody in my company had it in for me - too late now for those repercussions!


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You need to see your GP and discuss what is on your medical notes for you to be classed as alcohol dependent.
He/ she may agree to reword what is written and advise DVLA that they now consider you to have ‘misused’ alcohol.
The benefit of this is that DVLA only require you to demonstrate 6 months of controlled drinking (not 12 months abstinence as with dependence) before you can get your licence back.
You should ask your GP about doing Liver Function Tests for you to support the fact that you are abstaining from alcohol, (or drinking within guidelines if misuse)
You are blaming work (and I have some sympathy with you over this) but their concerns were apparently supported by your GP, so DVLA had little choice but to act as they have. They have not categorised you as a “High Risk Offender”, that is reserved for certain categories of drink drivers. In fact they do not view you as an offender at all, but as someone who has had drink issues and needs to demonstrate the ability to be alcohol free for at least 12 months.
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