road traffic act 88

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like your earlier caller, I am stuck in a quandary, due to the corona virus. My ban expired on24/05/2020.this was a first offence. I sent my form d1 to the dvla by recorded delivery, so \I know that they have received it. When I did get to speak them, and informed them of my ban for drink driving, they could not answer my question, and referred me to Road Traffic Act 88, informing me that provided I met all the stated conditions, I could drive.

I do meet all the conditions, and have also checked with solicitors, police and the CPS. They all give me the same answer REfer to DVLA. What do I do. I am a full time carer for my wife, who has vasculat dementia.


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You can't use section 88 before your licence has been re-issued. It is only for people getting medical renewals when their licence runs out during the medical investigation not those waiting to be licenced . When dealing with the DVLA call centre staff they refer everyone to section 88 but this is not the case for drivers awaiting relicensing. I've attached the front page of section 88 that says it is for renewing a licence. Your licence is banned so you are treated as an applicant not a renewal.