Re-instatement of (HGV, PCV, LGV) licence after drink driving ban

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I was convicted last July 09 for drink driving and banned for 18months with community service and a fine, reduced to 13 months This ban is now ending and will be getting my normal license back. However my LGV &PCV license will be under consideration next week in court.

I have the chance to write an explanation of my conviction and factors that i wish to be taken into account, in order for them not to extend the withdrawal of my LGV/PCV license.

Please could you advise on what I need to include in writing, for them not to extend my LGV/PCV license disqualification as I require it for work.

Thanks in advance
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When the criminal courts disqualify you for drink driving it applies to all catagories of vehicles. When the ban is up the DVLA will usually reinstate only your entitlement to drive a car. The Traffic Commissioner will consider whether or not to reinstate any vocational catagories, such as HGV and PCV entitlements. The Traffic Commissioner is the judicial regulator of the Transport Industry and will hold a Driver Conduct Hearing at which he/she will hear evidence, including any evidence that you wish to call, before deciding whether you are a fit and proper person to hold a vocational driving licence.

This is a very specialised and niche area of law. You should take advice from a road transport lawyer with experience of appearing before Traffic Commissioner's regularly.

Please contact us on 08450020736 if you would like to discuss your case with a qualified road transport solicitor with no obligation. We can also help you prepare written submissions but you will have to attend the hearing in person if you are to succeed in persuading the Traffic Commissioner to reinstate your HGV licence.

We have experience of successfully doing this in past, even for professional drivers with multiple drink driving convictions.
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