Moving Court Date, Advice needed.

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Hi, My partner was caught DD around 9 days ago, hit a parked car. No one was hurt as car was stationary and without any passengers.
Blew 63 and hearing is on 5th of Jan, 2021.
He is planning on pleading guilty, however our issue is that we are going through a fertility treatment at the moment and I am booked for a scan on the 5th of Jan, 2021. Our treatment is self funded and the clinic is 2.5 hours drive from us. We have been asked to self isolate through out the treatment because if we do get Covid-19 symptoms or get in contact with someone having it the cycle will be cancelled and we will loose our money. It took us 6 months to get the referral from our GP, cancellation means another 6 months before we can do it again.
We want to apply to move the court date by 3-4 weeks so that my treatment is done and I am released to the care of my local GP which is a 5 min walk from my house. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.


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Good evening.

All you can do is make the application. If you call the Court they will give you an email address to send the application to and hopefully they will understand and move the date but I dont think they will move it very far.

Best of luck
Hi Martin, thank you for your reply. Do you think they can do 3-4 weeks?