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"Missed Deadline" due to my TTC course being cancelled due to COVID-19 lockdown. Court is saying nothing they can do my ban now cannot be reduced.


New member
Hi there,

I got a 2 year drink driving ban in March 2019 - I had the option of reducing my ban by 6 months if I took the TTC Drink Driving Course. I had booked and paid for the course and was going to be doing it in April, my deadline was May this year. Obviously due to the pandemic it was cancelled and having rang up the court they've basically said tough luck your ban is now until March no other choices. I am absolutely devastated as being unable to drive has hugely affected my work and life and 6 months is a massive difference and I had the course booked and it was cancelled due to no fault of my own! How is this fair? How are the courts allowed to discriminate like this when it was completely out of my control? Any advice would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance.