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Hello- new to this thread.

My ban is up in July, following a nearly 2 year ban

I previously held a licence for 19 years.

I have no idea of what to expect in terms of car insurance once I get it back..... I also got rid of my car so the car I buy will also be dictated on insurance prices. Anyone able to offer any advice?


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Providing your no claims discount is not over 2 years old when you get your new insurance it will still be valid.

You can either contact
Telford 01952 820 358
Shrewsbury 01743 231 091
who I have found to be good, or go on to compare the
Pick a couple of cars that you might like from a local garage, so you can put the registration number into the system and see what you get.
With Henshalls they will do the searching for you. With comparethemarket you can get a quote, then play about with changing the car you want and see how it alters the quote.
If you want to do it now, you will have to fib about when you want the insurance because if you put the commence date as July 19 they will say it is too far away.

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Hi Sarah, how did it work out for you? I am in a similar position and got rid of my car when I got banned


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Hi drew my bans just up and I've been getting quotes, my only conviction is DR10. I'm 23 though which is reflected in the prices I'm being quoted, but I can give you a before vs after.

Before my ban I drove a 2.7 litre Mercedes c270 with 4 years no claims bonus and my insurance was £740 for the year, after my ban I can't even get a quote on this car. They were looking £2000 for a BMW 320D so I had to lower what I was looking for in a car. On a 1.2 Seat Ibiza the cheapest I can get is £1400 for the year. The ban has more than doubled my premium as without the ban they are looking £560 for the year on the same 1.2 Ibiza.

I own a Ford Escort XR3i and I was able to get classic insurance for the year on it for £980 so I have decided to drive that on a classic policy until it's been 5 years since the conviction, then I will no longer have to declare it to the insurance companies.

Drew B

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thanks so much for that info grice!
Looking at this forum there is very few details about the comparison of car/ins before and after the ban.
What I might do is try Henshalls (as Price suggested earlier) giving them the details of my old car to get an idea of what to expect. Then when I find a car I like call them back as they will have my details already.
Did you go through comparison sites?


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These prices are from price comparison websites, the best quotes were found on I have rang nearly all of the direct insurance providers and they were unable to beat confused, I also tried 2 local brokers and they weren't even able to come close to the price comparison websites.

I live in Northern Ireland but have always had an English insurance company. If I put in the quote with my uncles address in Nottingham it comes in around £80 cheaper as we pay a slight premium for being from NI, our theft rate is higher than the mainland hence a slightly inflated premium but only very slight.

I've ended up going with Adrian Flux for their classic policy as it is the cheapest way for me to drive for the time being. Try Adrian Flux they offer convicted driver insurance too.
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