i'm so ashamed and angry

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On the morning of the 22nd of December i attempted to drive my car after drinking heavily. Due to the weather conditions of snow and ice the public transport and cab services were not operating and also the fact that my wife and my one week old baby not being well and needed me urgently i made the terrible mistake of assuming i could drive. I was stoped by the police and they breathalised me and the result showed 113 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath exceeding the legal limit. I was still on a private road when the police stoped me. I am due in court on the 29th of December and i'm worried about the possible outcome, can you please advise me and tell me what the possible sentence could be and also if its likely that i have to do a re-test for my driving lincence? This is my 1st offence and i'm being charged with driving a motor vehicle when alcohol level above limit - CONTRARY TO SECTION 5(1)(A) OF THE ROAD TRAFFIC ACT 1988 AND SCHEDULE 2 TO THE ROAD TRAFFIC OFFENDERS ACT 1988.
Thank you in advance, looking forward to hear from you.


I'm extremely angry letting myself drive while under the influence. I will be in court on the 15 Feb. I'm not looking forward to it and just want to get it over with. Stupid me.
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