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is high risk offender (with dr10 in 2006 and dr10 in 2011) needs to take medical test?
on website i have read that "section 88 of the road traffic Act 1988" allow high risk offender to legally drive when disqualification had ended and it apply to person conivicted before 2013 june
My partner has eu driving licence,disqualification ended.driving licence wasn't taken away from him (as its non GB document) so I thought that he can drive now.he never recived any letter from dvla asking him to undertake medical test.but when I wrote to dvla about his driving licence information there is a sentence in a letter I've recived saying "medical investigation is required before next licence issued"he hasn't apply for uk driving licence becouse all eu driving licence are now accepted in uk.so does he have to take that test or not?:confused:

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

I would say that your partner does fall into the category of a high risk offender, and so is subject to the additional medical investigation, simply by dint of the two qualifying offences. The ultimate authority on this, however, is DVLA and so you should be in contact with them to safeguard that all steps are taken to ensure that your partner is driving legally.

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