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Hello There,
My partner has been charged with failure to provide a specimen after 3 unsuccessful attempts at the station. He had childhood asthma and is a heavy smoker and was very anxious at the time and therefore could not get a reading. He was originally arrested after a failing a road side reading. No prior convictions and feeling immense remorse. Planning on preparing references to show this was out of character. Will request duty solicitor on court date in a months time. Any advice on likely sentencing and whether any further legal representation would be beneficial or is it fairly cut and dry? Many Thanks

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon.

Like most things in life, spending a little extra will get you a higher level of quality. Whilst duty solicitors can sometimes do a good job a specialist lawyer will know the right things to say which are specific to the charge and the difference in sentence can be dramatically lower. You should expect to pay anything from £800 upwards however so you have to weigh up the cost verses the benefit.

Hope that helped and best of luck with the case

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