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I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me what I'm in for.

Last Friday, had a couple of drinks, decided to drive home and had an RTC with a stationary vehicle, the police were contacted who promptly arrived, where I refused a roadside breathalyser test, I was then arrested and taken to the local police station where I once again refused to be breathalysed and was subsequesntly charged with failure to provide speciment for analysis - vehicle driver?

I've only beendriving 13 months, I have no previous offences, I'm the sole earner for my household and fully employed and have been with the same company for nearly ten years, this whole thing is very out of character for me.

Michael Lyon

Road Traffic Solicitor (Scotland)

The combination of charges you will face - failing to provide a specimen of breath at the roadside, failing to provide a specimen of breath at a police station and either careless or dangerous driving - is serious. If convicted, you face at the very least a disqualification in excess of the minimum 12 months with the potential for a compulsory order to re-sit the extended driving test.

Moreover, the Crown is likely to move for forfeiture of the vehicle and so the fight is on not only to retain your driving entitlement but also your car.

It is important that you speak with us immediately.