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DUI in Spain on UK licence


New member
I´m a British citizen but resident and living in Spain.
In March I was driving under the influence and involved in an accident in Spain. I blew .90 and I am due to attend court soon for sentencing. Of course I am expecting to receive a ban and a huge fine.

My question whether anybody has been in the same situation and knows the likely outcome? I have been made aware that the Spanish court will ask to take my UK licence soI cannot drive there. However, I've also been told that I am able to drive in the UK.

Do I apply for a replacement licence in the UK? Im planning to move back to the UK very soon, and if I do drive, should I inform the UK insurance company? Is the information regarding my conviction in Spain available to them?

Thanks in advance


Well-known member
The Spanish courts cannot revoke your UK licence so you will only be banned in Spain. Here the DVLA create a "ghost licence" so if you ever apply for a Spanish licence the conviction will be on it. If they do take your photocard you can apply for a new one with the DVLA as simply not having a photocard doesn't mean you don't have a valid licence.

However, the offence will be treated as equivalent to the UK conviction under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act. That means you will have to declare the conviction to a UK insurer for five years from the date of conviction. As with any unusual conviction you are likely to find you cannot get online quotes and will need to use a specialist broker.

Convictions are shared across the EU and so potentially, but not automatically, your conviction may be put onto the police national computer which would increase the likelihood of you being stopped, so it is important to ensure any insurance you have is watertight.

Hope that helps.