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I have been stopped by police on June 2018 and had to take drug test on side of the road, which came positive. I was then taken to police station where I had to take blood test.

Since then I was realesed and have not heared anything back for nearly 8 months from police or got any letters regarding court date/blood test results/charges.

Can I assume that case have been closed and I will not get fined and banned from driving ?
It may be that your blood test results came back negative and that the case has now been closed due to the long lapse of time. The Police have 6 months to provide information to the Court with a view to prosecuting. As long as the police have the correct address details for you and you haven't moved address since the incident, it would appear that the police have elected not to take the matter further. If the Police now try to provide the Court with information about the offence, they will be statute barred. In the circumstances, there is no harm in making enquiries with the police to check the position and for peace of mind.
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