Driving with 3.5 micrograms THC in blood

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I just got charged with driving with 3.5micrograms per litre/blood THC and I think the limit is 2.. Was pulled over for no belt and then they smelled something. What would i get as it is my first offence ? But most important is that the lawyeri spoke to said that if I want to plead guilty it will cost me around 600£ just for the service. Can I just defend myself and plead guilty , do i have to have a lawyer , because from what I read those cases are straight forward and there is no much a lawyer can do ? Please any advice will be appreciated. It will be hard with 12m ban enough ,so is there any point spending money for a lawyer too ?
There are no sentencing guidelines for this offence meaning it is difficult to say what penalty you would face. We do know that a 12 month ban is the minimum that can be imposed but aside from that there is not much more we can be definitive about when advising on sentence. This type of offence can result in a ban of up to 3 years. You certainly can attend court in person and there is no requirement for you to have legal representation. A well presented plea in mitigation can be very important, particularly for an offence where the magistrates' are not guided by definitive guidelines. However, I appreciate that cost is a factor. There is certainly no harm in speaking with a solicitor in more detail about the detail of your case before making a decision about whether to instruct one to be with you at court or not.
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