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Hi so i got a ban of 15 month just recently i am going to do the course, so today i received the paper work to book it, and on the form its states that my ban will be reduced by 25% my ban is for 15 months which will be reduced by 3 months, if my maths is correct 25% of 15 month is 3 month and 3 weeks, when i was in court i can remember the girl in front of me saying to the magistrates " so are you willing to reduce it by 3 month with the course " and the magistrates said yes, so does this mean that its only reduced by 3 month instead of the 3 month and 3 weeks im confused any advice would be great thanks in advance...


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I am afraid it does look like you only have 3 months if that is what the magistrates said. At 12 months it is fixed at 3 month reduction. Above that, it is UP TO 25%, subject to a minimum 3 months reduction.
i have seen people get a 3 year ban, reduced by 6 months not 9, but then seen someone get a 10 year ban and get the full 2 1/2 year reduction. It is at the magistrates discretion.
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