Curious in correct procedure?

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Hi I was involved in a crash 8 weeks ago on Sunday and blew 59 however they made me go to the hospital as airbags was deployed even though I had no injuries I was then 2 and half hours later asked to give a blood test which I did and then told I could leave and they’ll be in touch all I signed was the authority for blood to be taken I don’t recall being released on bail or anything and I’ve not heard anything since just feel the officers didn’t really know what the correct procedure was and I’ve also read that blood ferments to make alcohol levels higher is that true and something I should worry about ? Thanks in advance

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

I wouldn't be too worried about alcohol fermenting, this usually only happens when the police don't store the sample properly and leave it badly stored for a long time. More often than not, they get it sent off quick but then it takes around 3 or 4 months to come back from the lab.

All you can do is wait for them to contact you I'm afraid but once they do please get back in touch and I would be happy to offer you some advice.

Kind regards


Thanks for your reply I’m hoping 6months will pass but I do know they will get back and any advice is helped at this minute matey if possible thanks
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