course evaluation....

Convicted Driver Insurance


Did one a few months back through drivewise (who have maybe not surprisingly lost their contract...)

The teacher / lecturer was

a) racist
b) mysoginist
c) factually short of all facts...
d) an

I for one would assume that having admitted guilt in a magistrates court of contravening sec 5 of the RTA Act 1988, I would be in possession of a criminal record (googling seems to affirm this suspicion, however he insisted as a non custodial first offence it was not)

Cost £175 for which I got a certificate that a high school student could knock up in word / photoshop in 30 mins...

Current insurers laughed at the suggestion of a discount and loaded the premium by a factor about a 1/3 less to which i was expecting............

Went from £250 a year to £650.

so in total

fine £400
costs £85
victim surcharge £15
****y course £175
license app £65
inc on yr 1 ins £400


For the record I was a "morning after the night before", and no not offering it as mitigating or defence, but there was no intention there.. lesson learned! Thankfully empoyers very sympathetic. boss was pretty much "Ooh ****, been there done that, many a time but not pulled!"


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you didn't do it in Sheffield did you?

Our course tutor did seem to be quite judgmental, and all of the above you described. He even took a pseudonym. And talk about holier than thou!!! Not only did he never drink and drive, he also counted his units to ensure he was totally Alocohol Free when behind a wheel.... Hmmm the mind boggles, as I know solicitors, Pharmacists, paramedics, driving instructors AND 2 doctors among people who have admitted to probably being over at certain times. This is a unique individual who is a self proclaimed drinker, a heavy smoker of non tipped cigarettes that happens to run this course but never drives with ANY alcohol in his sysem ATALL... hmmmm

what I did was a totally ridiculous thing to do, and I will forever be remorseful and regretful of my stupid actions. However, the course did seem to revolve around the assumption that I was a heavy drinker and would drive whilst not 'Alcohol Free' on a regular basis.

Really interesting to know about the insurance too. I assumed it would increase by quite a lot, but course tutor told us we may even get it cheaper.

The course is money for old rope. They know full well that we need to listen to what they have to say and nod in agreement and pay a stupid fee because they also know how important that ban reduction is to all of us. Although, I will say that my group was paid for by 12 people and only five turned up on the first day and only four stayed the course.

In addition, I was expecting a bunch of low lifes and dreading the group. Know what? They were very nice and decent people - and all more articulate than the course tutor, who I'll call Dave, but his real name was Timothy - lol.
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