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Hello, might someone will be able to help me, or push me into the right direction.
I am Lithuanian I have a full lithuanian (EU) drivers license, which I've passed in early 2014.
In 2015 I've moved to UK, and made my biggest mistake in my life, drink&drive...
Please don't judge me..
Okey, so the court gave me 12 months driving ban, it also said to do an extended driving test after the ban is over, they also ask me to surrender my drivers license which I did not...
In 2018 I went back to Lithuania for holidays, I got my self a new drivers license (because the old exipired) and now I have my drivers license which is valid from 2018 to 2028, but my ban ended in the UK in 2017.
I have no restrictions to drive in Lithuania or any other EU country, because my drivers license is valid from the issuing country (Lithuania) however I am not sure can I drive in the UK (the offense was done in in Northern Ireland, where the law different from England...) because on the court order in does not say that I had non-uk drivers license, and I cannot check online I am allowed to drive in UK, because you only can check UK drivers license, online. However if I check my drivers license on my countrys online sistems it says the the drivers license is valind and had nor restrictions...
So anyone please help me out, doe's anyone knows the answer? Because I'VE been to 2 lawyers, and their answer was: I am not sure. And also, if i go to any insurense company with my current license, they are more than happy to insure a car for me, I believe that the insurense companys must see that we are still banned, or am I wrong? Also there is no information about EU drivers license on their website, it's only about UK drivers license. So doe's that mean when your ban is over you simply can drive, cause how can you re-do your test with other countrys issued drivers license? It does make perfect sense to re-do your test on UK drivers license but not EU.