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Got to go for my DVLA medical in 2 weeks, and I've just done an online DVLA mock eye test. I've always knew i was colorblind and was horrified to see a colorblind test on there... WITCH I FAILED. out of the 6 tests, I got the first one and last one right but failed the 4 in-between. Is this an automatic fail for my license? also, noticed i was struggling abit on some of the tests but when I put some glasses on i wear for work, I was fine. Although I filled in that I can read a numberplate at 20 feet, (witch I can) so I didn't tick the I wear glasses for driving bit, so could I change this to I need glasses (and phone up and notify DVLA...?) ... when I phoned up the doctors to make the appointment, the last thing he said to me was don't forget your glasses if you need them...
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