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I was caught and charged for drink driving after driving on the 27th June 2020 and given a court date of the 14th October when being released at the station. I then received another summons letter saying the court date was the 21st October so I assumed that was my new date. I received a phone call from the police on the 20th of October asking when my court dat was and after I explained its the 21st he said "yes I can see on the system its the 21st, the court had issued a warrant for your arrest for not turning up on the 14th and we were going to come and arrest you today but can see the system says 21st so just make sure you're there tomorrow." I turned up to my court date dressed smart and nice and early, and once I gave my name they had no recored of me being in court for that day after taking my name and DOB back and forth to different people but they could see I was down for the 14th October.... I then left and haven't heard a word about it since, its now the 18th November! I was charged almost 6 months ago now.. has this every happened to anyone else?? It seems a very odd situation, is there a limit on how long you can be charged for without conviction?


Thanks, I o been told to wait for the police to contact me by some people as the court wasn't sure what to do about it and I haven't done anything wrong in that regard, will affect the conviction in any
Good afternoon,

Unfortunately once you are charged the 6 months time limit no longer applies. There are a lot of horror stories around at the minute with Covid messing things up at Court I'm afraid. I would certainly get back in touch with them to make sure the warrant has gone and to find a new date.

Good luck with it

Thanks, different people have told me to wait for the police to get in touch with me as non of this is my fault, will it affect on any possible conviction? Has anything thing like this ever been lost or forgotten about?
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