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Hi, DVLA have lost my application, having to re-apply. They say I've got to have a HRO medical done, does anyone know how long this takes? Can I have the medical done privately? What is the form/what information is required? There's a risk I'll lose my job if I can't produce my renewed licence next week.


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Not a chance of driving this week, and as you have to do a medical you will be lucky to be driving this side of August!
The medical cannot be done privately.
Get a D1 from the post office and submit it ASAP. There is then a minimum of a 3 week wait for them to contact you about. Medical, and this can take 2 - 4-8 weeks to arrange.
There is then another couple of weeks + for them to assess it, and if they decide to write to your GP that can add weeks to the process.......
The medical seems to be a surprise to you, did you submit the correct fee for the HRO application? (£90) also the medical will cost about £96 plus VAT for some practices)
Have a look at other posts on here about the delays they have suffered. Very fee ahave been straightforward, some have dragged on for a year!
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