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Robert Ames

New member
On a Friday I went to Asda where I brought some shopping including vodka. I will have a record of the transactions time and date.After the shopping I went to get something to eat around 10 o’clock, I also have a record of the transaction. I then went home. I parked just near my home and rather than disturbing my mother, which she would not appreciate, I decided to listen to radio 1 in the car. Whilst I was I the car I had a drink. I was up at 6 o’clock in the morning and it had been a long day. Unfortunately not being used to drinking vodka I fell asleep with the radio on. Around two to three hours later the neighbors called the police and I was arrested.
My argument is my journey was finished 3 hours beforehand and I had no intention of going anywhere.
Can you please help me?
Do you advise I plead guilty or not guilty?
Many Thanks
Robert Ames

Martin Hammond

Advice on how to plead is a lot more complex and requires more work but in general if you have been charged with driving and you were not actually driving whilst drunk then pleading not guilty is possibly an option as is pleading to the lesser offence of being drunk in charge of a vehicle.

You need to speak to a lawyer about this, so you can do a google search or I would be happy to arrange for someone to call you?