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Alcohol test taken by urine sample

Louise 73

Hi, Im hoping you can help me. I was arrested for drink driving last week and have been searching for a solicitors online and have been quoted prices that from the highest to the lowest is still very expensive for me. I know that I do need legal help to question the continuity once the sample has been analysed but for financial reasons is there any difference between instructing a solicitor now or waiting for the results which I have heard that there are many cases in which the results may not be returned or charges may not be brought in time? Also I have heard that there is a high success rate in solicitors challenging urine samples due to it been a complex procedure, is this true?

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon.

Firstly, it is very rare that charges would not be brought if the sample comes back over the legal limit.

As to when to instruct it is a decision for you. The advantage is that they can be prepared when it is time to go to Court and also we would be asking for the CCTV from the police station which is a very important step. Some firms, ours included, work on a fixed fee for this very reason as the sooner you have someone dealing with the case the better it usually is for all parties.

Would you like me to ask someone from our office to call you to have a chat in a little more detail?

Kind regards