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Hi Tracy, I felt like you - mortified, ashamed, how will I get around, what will happen with work. The run up to court I was super anxious but it was actually alright. Weirdly I felt really relieved and happy when I came out (go figure). I bought a bike…hadn’t been on one since I was a kid. I wobbled out of Halfords like a kid who’d just had their stabilisers taken off for the first time thinking “how can I do this for 15 months” but now I’m whizzing around the streets like a pro come rain or shine chuckling at the peeps stuck in the traffic queues I’m zooming past. I’m a LOT fitter too. Do the Rehabilitation course, it’s actually really good and you learn a lot. Fess up to your work if you have a job where you need a DBS - honestly goes a long way with them. These are the things I’ve learnt from this experience….apart from to reasses my life and figure out how I got here and what needs to change to never be here again. In a funny way it can have a lot of positives - every cloud 🙂
What a brilliant reply Blueberry 😘


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The waiting to go to court is truley a horrible feeling. What's done is done and replaying it over and over again just makes it worse. (Believe me alot of us have been is a s%@*y feeling).

There's not much I can ad to what has already been said.

Dress smart, Get references, Get a solicitor if you can afford one no more than 300-400 pound on a guilty plea.
Ask for the Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course (-25% off the ban) on the day (It cannot be done afterward).

You can request a duty solicitor when arriving at court, if he or she is not busy to help for free.

If you feel confident enough speak for yourself.

Either way show remorse which I am guessing you already feel.

As far as the reason why you chose to drive could also the end of the day magistrates are human too.
A letter just expressing how you know you made a 1 off error may help.

I wish you the best and please do not let it bog you down.

Keep your head up!

Kind Regards,

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