Would a solicitor be worth it?

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Hi Martin

First off, thanks for all the advice you give, having had a read through it is clear that you will have helped many people through some very stressful experiences.

I would be very grateful for your thoughts.

I am a late 40's semi-professional male with a previously clean license and never been convicted of any previous crimes. Following an argument with my partner I foolishly got in my car and decided to drive back to my home from her place in the early hours of the morning.

I was stopped at the roadside, and taken into custody and my charge sheet states 76 microgrammes. I was not speeding, not driving recklessly, no accident, no one else involved, and co-operated fully.

Of course I completely expect to be banned and receive a fine, and there is that gut wrenching niggling feeling that it could be a custodial sentence.

I read elsewhere in these pages that a plea of mitigation from a solicitor could go a long way to reducing whatever may come my way but in my case would you think that would be a beneficial course of action, or in your opinion would I be just as well telling them myself what a moron I have been after I have pleaded guilty?

I don't for one minute wish to make light of what I have done but in some respects in seems almost like a very straightforward case, but having never stepped foot in a court before I am really not quite sure what to do or expect.....or just as importantly, what to say.

Thanks again and please keep up the good work

Martin Hammond

Good evening.

Firstly, thank you for your kind words, it is nice to be appreciated.

Whether to pay for a solicitor or not is a very subjective thing.

The plus sides are that someone else, who knows the right things to say, does the talking. Along with this you have a steady pair of hands should things become more serious for some reason. Also a good lawyer will invariably bring down the length of disqualification and punishment.

The downside is the cost. It will cost around £800 plus vat to take a specialist along and local representatives will usually be about £500 plus vat.

So I boils down to the question, how comfortable would you be in a Courtroom full of people and would a reduced sentence be worth paying for?

I hope that helps.

Best of luck


I will pour (maybe a bad analogy) more thanks your way Martin, as I really didn't expect a reply out of hours so thanks again.

I certainly do see your point, and having never been in a courtroom before the simple answer to how comfortable I would feel is - not very comfortable at all.

My court date is 25th May. So I will certainly give it some thought over the next day or so, although having no idea who a good lawyer would be where I am will also be part of the challenge I suppose....but there are no guarantees in these situations, so I understand that. I guess I am just somewhat out of my depth !

Thanks for the sense check though Martin, and best wishes


Hi Martin

I would be extremely grateful for that, thank you so much. What would be the best way for me to send you my number?
No need to let me know now as I am sure you have far better things to be doing this evening. Tomorrow will be just as good

All the best


Perfect, thank you (again)
If your team call and I miss it I will call right back if they leave a message. My phone signal can be a bit sporadic at times !

Enjoy your evening
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