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David Bottriell

New member
Some issues I have questions about. 1) Incorrect location of my vehicle on the charge sheet. I was not even near my car when the police came. 2) Do not recall being offered a sample of my blood by the police when taken to hospital. 3) Not offered a chance to make a statement to the magistrate in court. 4) Felt the free legal assistance in court was absolutely rubbish and thought that she only wanted to get 'rid' of the case and did not actually help. Said 'just plead guilty!'

David Bottriell

New member
I pleaded guilty on instruction by the lawyer. Was not happy with that as she played the 'fear' card of an even higher sentence etc. Fined 300 and disqualified for 15 months. I had told her of 2 issues re: the blood and incorrect location of the offence.

Martin Hammond

Unfortunately the way the Courts would view this is that you had legal advice and you decided to plead guilty. You could complain about the lawyers advice to the firm but it would not effect the outcome of the case. Officially you could speak to the Court and ask for the matter to be reopened but in the real world I can tell you that it is very unlikely to be reopened.

I do sympathise but thats just the way the Courts work.

Kind regards
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