The verdict and my sentence!

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Refer to my other 2 posts: here and here.

If you have read these 2 post you will know my story so far!
I decided to put up a new thread just to let everyone know my sentence!

On the 17th of February and after being in court for two and a half hours the Magistrates finally reach a verdict.
They decided not to disqualified me and no endorsement (no points) on my license and a £600 fine.
They accepted that there were ''special reasons'' and dismissed the police credibility as it was contradictive to their statement.
My Solicitor was impecable and professional.
You might think i got away with it lightly and was very lucky, I think that too but there were facts very important for the jugde to consider wich i'm not going to mention.
The final conclusion is that i will never do it again, I think i was lucky because i could have killed your son or daughter or sister or your brother!
The whole experience marked me profundly and it will stay with me for ever!

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So have you effectively been charged with drink drive but are deemed to off served your ban straight away?

did you use your own solicitor or duty solicitor?

looking back at previous posts why were you stopped on a private road? were the police tipped off?

well done by the way.


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I used my own solicitor,something I strongly advice you to hire should you get into this sort of trouble.
I don't know why the Police was there,maybe on patrol, they didn't stoped me.
I moved my car a distance of 220 yards more or less and then realised the Police car approaching as i was getting out of the car. The rest is history.
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