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Spain refusal to take breathalyzer test


New member
I refused to take a breathalyzer test on holiday in Spain a week ago. What are the likely implications? The police are taking a very dim view of this. I have read that a prison sentence is likely! There was no crash or injuries. Will I still be able to drive in UK with a replacement UK license? Any feedback much appreciated.


TTC Group
There is one part that is clear, a ban in Spain is not a ban in the UK, there is no reciprocal arrangement between the countries so if you are banned there, it has no effect on you driving here. If the police retained your licence, you can simply apply for a duplicate in the UK.
What is unclear is what stage you are at with the prosecution. Have you been released on bail by the Police pending enquiries? Have you been charged an bailed to court? If so, has the case been heard and you have been dealt with or did you leave prior to your hearing?