Son has been charged with drink driving

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My 20 year old son crashed his car (he was alone and didn't cause any damage to anyone else's property), the police drove past and breathalysed him, his breath reading was 83 which I know is high. He was arrested and taken to the police station. His court date is not until 8th February, he informed his insurance company because we felt this was the right thing to do, they are now cancelling his insurance.
I have 2 questions really, is it worth asking the court take into account that he will not be able to drive for the 3 months up to his court date when looking at the length of a ban? And how does the court decide whether to give a fine or community service? which do you think he might get? He works full time doing shifts so community service might not be easy for him to fit around work, does the court take this into account?
Many thanks DW

Martin Hammond

Good morning, the Court are unlikely to take into account the time he has been unable to drive and at the reading he is at, coupled with an accident, the Court will most certainly consider community punishment. Good mitigation is the only thing that would help with trying to achieve a fine. The schemes usually work around shifts if necessary.

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Thank you, for the reply, when you say good mitigation what kind of things could help? He has never been in any kind of trouble before, he has had his licence for 3 years and not had any accidents/incidents up until now. Would character references help? He doesn't really want to tell his work but he would be able to get other references if this would help.
Thanks again DW
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