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I stupidly got in my car on Saturday night and crashed into a parked car, I blew 76 at the station 4 hours later.
I am a mobile hairdresser and absolutely need my car to work, I will lose everything without it and I wondered if i am better off getting a solicitor or any advice really.
Im still very shaken by the whole thing and can't believe its happened im so scared to go to court too :(
Court date is 4th May

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

Taking a lawyer would have a huge impact on a case like this. When you are just a little over the limit it is perfectly understandable that some people want to just speak for themselves, but in a case such as yours it could make a big difference what is said on your behalf by professional advocates.

A relatively high reading with an accident involved will likely attract a community punishment order and a high level of disqualification. A good lawyer would hopefully be able to reduce your sentence by explaining your personal circumstances and your side of things to the Court.

If you need any further help please let me know.
Best regards


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On my charge sheet there is nothing written about me crashing into the parked car.. Will it even be mentioned in court?
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