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Requesting a copy of Historic DVLA communications


Active member
Hi Folks , has anyone been successful at Requesting Historic Communications from DVLA ?

Namely , I’m trying to attain a COPY of a letter I MUST have received , WITH or ABOUT THE TIME my Temporary License was issued ( this was back in Dec ‘18 )

Basically , I’ve FAILED the Medical to renew my license after being WITHIN the Gov. Guidelines / or ABSTINENT for the past 2.5 Years .
YES , I DID relax this last Christmas , but at no point CONSIDERED that I could have been driving OVER THE LIMIT , which surely is the whole point . . . ROAD SAFETY.

After Cycling 30 miles / day for 3 years banned . . . under CONSTANT INTIMIDATION from Heavy Vehicles ( 1 Ton + ) passing far too close ( at speed ) being Cut-up , having near-misses with Flagstones sliding off Skid-Wagons .
. . . I had become a much more OBSERVANT / CONSCIENTIOUS driver , in fact , a BLACK BOX would have shown an EXEMPLARY driving Style .

Not realising that I must have been BREAKING THE LAW , it just feels like I’ve been SHOT IN THE BACK , by something that may have been in the SMALL-PRINT / advisory ?

If anyone’s just had a TEMPORARY license issued , it would be GREAT to know where it states “ Drinking over 14 units /week will get your Temporary license REVOKED “ . . . or basically a Bad CDT reading .

Thanks in advance 🙏


Well-known member
If you want all relevant paperwork, decisions and communications from DVLA then email them at include your name address and medical ref no, they will send you everything in the post within 30 days, if your running on a temp licence then it's better to not drink at all, we are seeing more and more temp drivers having their licence revoked because of alcohol intake, they may well have classed you as dependent which DVLA don't make crystal clear in their communications resulting in a revocation, however if you are misuse and your CDT was raised then DVLA will not hesitate to revoke you, people on temp licence SHOULD AVOID ALCOHOL IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR LICENCE......


Active member
Thanks Honestman , I’ll be requesting my File ( going back a couple of years ) thru “ Subjectacess “ as you suggest .

Planning to “ potter in the Garden “ now that’s been POSITIVE Saturday nights work .

Wishing you well . 👍 and with much respect . . . Cheers .