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Hi all,
Well should have been driving from the 5th Jan but guess what? DVLA did not receive my course certificate.. I have spent days on the phone to the course provider , DVLA and the Court all blaming each other except the Course provider who were brilliant they re faxed twice my certificate etc.

I even put a copy in with my application and the robot at DVLA said to me " oh yes we have that but it has to come from the Court". Luckily I am paranoid and did not drive when I should have been allowed to as sods law the old bill would have stopped me and I would probably have been in the wrong.

My point is as follows. surely this cant be fair, we are convicted, sentenced and do our time and pay for a course out of our own pockets but then get denied the right to drive what would have happened if I had been stopped by Police?

Anyway rant over and hopefully I will be driving again Monday, I would advise any of you to speak to DVLA early and confirm they have your certificate.

To anyone just starting the ban , chin up it is survivable trust me and will go sooner than you think.

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