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Hi there, I was arrested for drink driving 15/09/21, can't remember what they said reading was at the roadside, or what the readings were from the machine at the station, my MG4 charges sheet says "namely 90 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath". That is 1 point over the 89, where things start to go/look very bad.
My question is should I have been given a printout, or can I get a printout, of what the station machine said?
Thanks in advance jen.19

Martin Hammond

Good evening.

They should have offered it to you yes but it will be hard to prove they didn't. They will let you have a photocopy of it at your first appearance at Court as part of the advance disclosure.

You are correct that 90mgs is the number that puts you into community punishment but it can sometimes be brought back under with good mitigation. If it helps I could get one of my team to call you in the morning for a chat?

Kind regards
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