Potential police errors?

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I was arrested 2am Sunday morning and was told I blew 60 on the breathalyser.

I was then taken to the medical room in prison where they attempted to do the evidential breathalyser tests. I wasn’t told what the results of these were and was just told they were ‘inconclusive’ I then supplied the police with a blood sample after they requested it due to the breathalyser test.

I was never informed about a solicitor and if that was available to me, I wasn’t given a print out of my breathalyser tests and the police also gave me my release from police custody without bail letter and it hasn’t been signed by my custody officer where it says it should.

1. what would inconclusive breathalyser test actually mean?

2. are any of the above things mentioned a factor when determining what my sentence will be in court?

thank you for your time.
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