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Police Due Care to A Person After A Car Accident


New member
My Wife had a car accident no other parties were involved. She received multiple injuries in the accident ie. Broken Back, Broken Sternum.
My question is what is the police procedure in this case as my wife was injured and had ti be put on a supporting board and taken to hospital, should she had been given the roadside Breathalyzer as there could of been a high risk for further injuries.
I'm sure the police would of had a duty of care to her and if the officer had suspected drink driving she could have had bloods taken from her after medical attention in these circumstances?
My wife is in a lot of pain and i believe more damage has been done from this officers actions.

Martin Hammond

Good Morning.

Firstly I'm sorry to hear that your wife has suffered such serious injuries, I wish her well with her recovery.

As to the breath test they have a right to ask for one if they suspect alcohol was involved. At the hospital they would have undoubtedly asked the doctor before they carried this out but at the roadside they have to use there own judgement. Of course if the test was negative then there isnt much advice I can give that would help you other than to consider complaining to the IPCC.

Best regards


New member
Sh did blow over they won't tell me how much though i have no arrest papers for her. While down the hospital they took her bloods. Sh ewas then de arrested and was transferred to a major trauma ward. So my question again should he be breathalysing as she had suffered these injuries. First time offence never been in trouble with the police before, Appreciate your help