Please help!

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Hi. Can you help?
Our tyre burst last Friday and while we waited for recovery the police pulled up and one smelt cannabis on my partner. They did a roadside test then took him to the station and took his blood. Now we have to wait for them to call to see if they are going to charge him but it looks likely he will be prosecuted and lose his license, possibly his job and get a criminal record. He had no marijuana on him at the time but he had smoked some.
I'm really scared and dont know what to do. My partners use of cannabis is to self medicate for his depression/anxiety and his Dr is aware of this. He has frequently discussed this with his GP.
If he loses his job and we lose our home I dont know what we will do. We have my niece and nephew living with us who also have mental health issues and came to me from an abusive home and need stability. This could destroy us all and he is a good man who has issues and has begged for help in the past with no luck.
Please help!

Martin Hammond

Good morning

What help is it you are looking for? If he pleads guilty he will most certainly lose his licence as the minimum disqualification, regardless of circumstances, is 12 months.

If he pleads not guilty, he would need a solid defence, or the situation will get worse.

Sorry I can't give you any positive news but mitigation can only do so much

Kind regards
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