Partner caught drink driving and unsure of outcome please help

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I was a passenger from involved in a RTC about 2 weeks ago, it’s the the first accident I’ve ever been involved in. It was my partner who was driving. We were on a pretty quiet but very bendy, 60mph country road. We collided with another car, I think at around 40ish mph and think both cars were going around the same speed. (Unfortunately I can’t really remember as I was on my phone texting when it happened and the rest is mostly a blur aside managing to get me and my dog out of the car) the police were called and my partner was breathalysed and was over at 47. Then they were handcuffed but taken to A&E due to an elevated heart rate and the other driver taken as well for chest pains but up to now think she’s okay.

So there was a 6 hour delay between his last drink and when his BAC test was conducted, due to the long wait in A&E, he also managed to go to the toilet before the test. He’s been told it’s been under investigation… no word as of yet, he also has a blood sample in his fridge.

A few questions; Is it worth sending off his bloods privately to find out his result? If it comes back under, will they use his bloods within the case? If they use the breathalyser result, what’s would he realistically looking at in terms of fines / bans etc?
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