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One year licence (what to do now)


Well-known member
Should an individual be granted a 1year licence what is the procedures moving forward,
I'm looking at worse case scenario ahead of my medical in 2 weeks.

Anybody going through this or have.first hand experience would be appreciated.

1. Lft test, (but how often)
2. Can drink sensibly (or not at all)
3. Medicals yearly, (or not)

Look at me sounding like boris johnson.


Well-known member
LFT every 3 months if you've been found to have an alcohol problem. You can drink within the 14 unit per week allowance if it's misuse they find, 0 alcohol for at least 6 years if dependence is found. If an alcohol problem is uncovered you face a medical at the end of each temporary licence to be relicensed until you are given a 10 year licence.


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I am on my second 1 year license, and it really isn’t a big deal. In my first year on this license, I attended my GP once for a voluntary liver function test. The way my surgery works it’d be almost impossible to get an appointment every 3 months! And I had my license reissued without attending a dvla medical this year. They just wrote to my gp.

As for drinking levels. You just need to be sensible with when and what you disclose! If you are booked in for a voluntary blood test, lay off drink for a week or so. And when you know your dvla medical is due, lay off it for at least 3-4 weeks before hand.