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Nightmare that keeps getting worse - Admiral

Depressed Dad

Well-known member
I have read your posts depressed dad. And to be fair it’s a horrendous situation you are in I can only offer my sympathy and luck that you all get through it ok.

I don’t yet know how much my personal injury claim and final details will come to, I’m prepared for thousands and thousands of pounds. My main worry was get the bill sent to me and have 28 days to pay, take my hone from me, my car etc etc. That’s not the case.

my policy was void after what I’ve done and the lady on the phone who to be fair was blunt but honest about it all.
You are scaring yourself and others if you think they can take your house off you in 28 days. Do some research on the small claims court process. You’ll get plenty of warning about any legal actionThey will need to get a county court judgment against you before they can attempt to legally recover the money and that needs the case to be decided in the county court.

The way they recoup the money needs other legal processes which could end up with a charge on your property if you are a home owner, or bailiffs turning up on your doorstep and probably them seeking evidence whether you can afford to pay or not.

if they start court proceedings you definitely need professional advice.

Depressed Dad

Well-known member
Also depressed dad I would like to make a point of the “they don’t fight my corner” admiral are a multi million pound corporation, and like the lady stated to me on the phone “we can’t just roll over and take any figure thrown at us, it puts premiums up for other driver and also the likelihood of recouping several thousand pounds is highly unlikely”
Also do some research on how insurance companies settle claims.
The amount recovered from DD cases is a drop on the ocean compared to non-DD cases. I don’t know the figures but doubt the DD cases make any difference to people’s premiums.

Most insurers don’t get involved in non-fault claims and you end up using claims management companies who charge over the top. Admiral used to make lots of money by referring their own customers to claims management companies for non-fault cases. Who used to pay for that? Thankfully it has been outlawed now I believe.

What about all the non-DD claims? Do you think Admiral do much to reduce the claims? Only the obvious exorbitant ones but they’re the first to say it’s not cost effective to challenge claims.

in my sons case Admiral were lazy and incompetent. Maybe they’ve changed since then but I’d be very surprised if they are fighting your corner.
Have they arranged independent medical examinations?

if you believe they’re doing the best for you then you’re either naive, working for Admiral or just a troll.


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To be fair to admiral they have been informative and quite transparent up to now which has been quite surprising for me after my insurance got voided my backside fell out so to speak.

Nope no troll or naivety here, just a fool with a DR30!