News Article today - Mother of 4 - Cleared of Drink Driving - Unbelievable

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A. The defence have to show that ‘on the balance of probability’ the driver consumed alcohol after the accident and that it made the difference to the driver being over the limit’
B. The prosecution have to prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt” that the driver drove whilst over the legal limit.
C. There is a presumption in Law that what was in your system when you were breath tested WAS what was in your system when you drove.

So the magistrates decided that “A” applied and not “B” and were not convinced by the presumption in “C”.
From the facts outlined in the newspaper report, I trust that the prosecution will be appealing within the 21 says allowed.


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I smell alot of bull coming from this women and her best friends accounts hopefully justice will be done


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I thought that when I read the article on Monday - if she had had an accident, why did leave the scene if she hadn't been drinking?
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