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I was just wondering I think i was caught speeding today by a mobile speed camera and was wondering because last year when I was banned for drink driving but didn't get points so the new drivers act wouldn't apply I was driving for a year and 9 months and was wondering that because my ban is over do I start the 2 years all over again or do I go back to the year and 9 months that I was because I've been back driving for 6 months and I'm worried I'll get 6 points
The new driver provisions set out that if a person receives 6 or more penalty points within two years of passing their test, their licence will be automatically revoked by the courts. The ban that you received has no impact upon when the two years runs from. The two years starts from when you passed your text, irrespective of the ban.

Based on the information that you have provided, it seems that you would no longer be deemed as a ‘new driver’ and therefore you would not have your licence automatically revoked. The points will remain on your licence for 3 years.
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