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need help got trial in 2weeks


New member
i have a trial coming up in 2 weeks and am using a firm called National Motoring Lawyers. i have 2 previous convictions of d.d 1998 and 2002 most recent being this year 2018. i have body cam footage and intoxication room video which i paid £180.00 for it to be checked by independent firm to find faults in procedure as advised by National Motoring Lawyers. i have pleaded not guilty on my 1st visit to the Magistrates Courts in Leicester. please advise as after the footage viewed been told to go for guilty plea.
Providing advice regarding plea ahead of your trial can only be done with reference to the evidence in your case. It is not possible to advise regarding any technical or procedural defence without thoroughly investigating the evidence in the case and taking your detailed instructions. Given that you are currently engaging a firm of solicitors who have considered the evidence in your case, they will be best placed to offer any advice. Any advice would be based on the merits of defending together with any credit that can be obtained by changing to a guilty plea ahead of trial.