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Hi guys, I’m desperate for some advice. My 17 year son worked til 11 last night at McDonald’s, came home, had a joint in the garage like he usually does, came in the house and went out to the car (outside our house) to get his work clothes and was trying to find his vape. Keys in ignition, engine not turned on, he had the interior lights on and his torch on his phone trying to find his vape. Meanwhile a police happens to roll up beside him and calls him out, obviously smells the cannabis, did a drug test and arrested him. They handcuffed him and apparently came to knock on my door but I didn’t hear the door knocking. So I was unaware of any of this til I had a call on my mobile from an officer at the police station saying they had arrested my son on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs and they needed an adult to come down so he could be read his rights. Meanwhile they were awaiting a doctor to take his bloods. I have a little one at home and had a few glasses of wine so I had sent my eldest down to be there and bring him home.
Now what I want to know is my son wasn’t driving at the time so can they arrest him for this if they can’t prove he was driving? He’s absolutely broken and he said they treated him like shit, shouting at him and treating him like he was the shit on their shoe.
I just don’t know where to go from here. I’m utterly devastated 😞

Martin Hammond

Good afternoon,

Obviously he may not come back as over the limit but should he be charged he would hopefully be charged with the lesser offence of 'being in charge' i.e. not driving. They do have the right to arrest him if they suspect he drove under the influence but it does seem like they were quite harsh with him. The best thing to do at this stage is to wait to see if/what he is charged with and take it from there. I am happy for you to message me again at that stage and I can give more specific advice.

Kind regards
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