My 3rd medical


Hi everyone not been on here for a while I hope everyone is well!
So this is my final medical due and since my last medical I’ve been doing great! But about a month ago I started to feel the depression and anxiety coming back so straight away I went to my doctor to fix me! I didn’t turn to alcohol like I did previously, but last weekend I went out and while I was waiting for the bus I fell asleep 😳 a concerned member of the public phoned an ambulance 🙈 I was discharged from hospital a couple of hours later! On my medical form does think count as an accident doe to alcohol? Also now I’m back on depression and anxiety tablets and seeing a mental health nurse will this hinder my licence being renewed?

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It's not very clear but are you saying the hospital discharge records state alcohol related?

I think best you speak with your own GP at the end of the day it's him that DVLA will be asking your fitness to drive so best stick on his good side, don't get glum speak positives of Betterment if the incident was alcohol induced I would add something else ie you only had a couple of drinks but had worked a 14hr shift and stupidly taken a double dose of medicine forgetting the first one