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Hi, me again.

I’m just wondering how others have managed the obvious effects on mental heath/views of self/confidence that a conviction like this can have.

I’ve not been to court yet but since the charge I have been feeling mentally (and physically) horrendous. I can’t stop panicking, anxiety attacks, crying and wishing it all would go away. I feel like I’ve been sentenced to death, and that I’ve a really heavy stigma attached to me. That I’ve ruined my life and all of my seemingly very few prospects. That I’m the worst human ever.

My dad died last year, and I was very down but picked myself up through lockdown to becoming less sad and reasonably healthy (through better management of a chronic illness which is bad with stress). I’d just literally got a job, then this happened and I can’t take it. Though I know I’d never do it, I feel like I don’t want to be around. Not an active thought, more of a passive one.

I just don’t know how I will adjust. Also lockdown has been especially lonely for me being an unpaid carer. I was (clearly much too) excited to get out... now feel like everyone is getting out and happy and I’ve put myself back into lockdown, with a whole loada other issues too. Does this get easier?


Hello, difficult days, but you will feel better. You have to accept, and take responsibility for what happened, that’s the first thing. Then think of the worst case will loose your license and your life will be inconvenienced. That is inevitable. Once you have been to court you will know exactly what you are facing, and can start to make strategies about how you will cope. Be grateful if you live somewhere with public transport....I live in a remote village. Once you accept what happened, understand that life will be changed, often drastically for some of us. But no one can rob you of yourself. You made a dreadful mistake....try and be grateful that no one was hurt, but you are still the worthwhile person you once were, you’ve just lost sight of that. All your feelings are perfectly normal, though very draining.
Surprisingly some good things came my way....offers of lifts to get me to work ( I’m a nurse ) And they have for others
You don’t sound as if you have lost everything, so hang in to what you have and try and be grateful, in spite of all the losses. And I absolutely get that not being able to do what you would normally for people we care about is a massive sadness that makes us feel worthless, but you just have to deal with that. Many places have Volunteer Action groups like my local one, who help people to get around, and do things for others. It’s fine to say you’re not driving for medical need to bare your soul to everyone just because you feel bad about yourself. As people say, and amazing as it seems, those months tick away. Addressing any problems you have with substances, and I’m not saying you do, it’s a good time to start. We may feel we are the news of the moment, but next week Mr Smiths wife will have made of with someone else, and village/ town gossip will focus on someone else.Good luck, and keep in touch with the group
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