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i hope someone can help with this
summary of the case - i crashed into parked cars and was arrested for drink driving. I wasn't breathalysed at the side of the road and I blew 63 at the station. i was charged with drink driving. This was my 1st offence and I have been told that if I plead guilty my ban could be approx 17-22 months before they consider my mitigated circumstances etc

I have appointed a lawyer and she is has requested the evidence from the police but so far police have only provided the custody details and the summary evidence.. she has been chasing the medical health assessment from the police which hasn't come through yet.. three questions

1. the time gap between being arrested and getting tested at the station was nearly 2hours.. is there any significance for this in terms more alcohol being digested etc in those 2 hours?
2. I crashed into a parked car and the steering wheel airbag went off.. I wasn't taken to the hospital and was only checked by a nurse at the station who asked summary high-level questions... what is the significance of the medical assessment? and considering the airbag was deployed was it necessary for police to take me to the hospital?
3. My car was taken away by police and it has been over 3 weeks and on repeated chase still don't have a clue when the car will be released. the lawyer has chased as well.. I guess they would want a DNA sample from the airbag but is there a time period for them to resolve this as I am running up the bills for cab fares to drop my kid to nursery

thanking you in advance

Martin Hammond

Good evening.

The time difference usually would go in your favour, but the only way to find out for sure is to have an expert do the calculation. Your lawyer could arrange this but either way I doubt it is going to amount to a defence.

The police do not have to take you to the hospital unless they feel you are immediate need of medical help. If the nurse who saw you didnt feel you should have been taken, again I doubt it would amount to a defence.

As to the car the police can keep it whilst they carry out investigations and the best you can do is to have your lawyer chase them.

Kind regards